Ever since I learned to code in C and C++ during my Bachelor’s life, my interest in coding grew day by day. I’ve always wanted to learn more than the curriculum of the course I was studying in my college. As you know, making the right decision can be very confusing. One would be a dilemma as to which path would be the “right” path for him/her. Similarly, I was also very confused as to which field to enter since programming/coding is a very vast field. I had a variety of options like going in to the field of mobile application development for Android or IOS, developing websites and web applications, etc. I did not know which field would be “the one” for me. Since I had no idea which path would be the best for me, I attended quite a number of events about .net, wordpress, etc. Realizing that just attending seminars wouldn’t help me decide which path to take, I decided to start taking some online courses at home on various sites like Udemy, or Lyndia. While I was taking an Android App development course on Udemy, I got repeatedly stuck at one point or another. Even though I followed the exact same instruction as shown on the course, I got a different output than expected. Since I had no one to ask to, to solve my problem, I couldn’t continue on with the course. Disappointed, I decided to discontinue the course. I then decided to try out web development, that too online, but the same event happened. It felt like deja vu! So, I did not enroll in any online courses. One day, while browsing Facebook, I saw a post of TECHRISE as the first ever coding bootcamp in Nepal. I decided that there was no harm in registering for it so I filled up the registration form. And that’s how I first bumped into TECHRISE!

A couple of weeks after registration, I received an email from TECHRISE saying that a completion of pre-work was mandatory for admission into TECHRISE. The pre-work was quite interesting and was taught in a fun way too! I completed it, and then again got an email saying that an interview would be held for admission. When I think about it now it seems funny, but at that moment, I was really scared because I wanted to be a part of TECHRISE so bad and my mind kept wondering whether I would be selected on the interview or not. Later, it turns out that it was just a general interview just to know me better. So, after the interview I would be able to start the course at TECHRISE and I felt really really excited. Basically, this is how my journey at TECHRISE began.

The fun really began when our first lesson (after the pre-assignment) got unlocked. But before beginning the first lesson, I had looked briefly about all the lessons that were going to be taught. The curriculum of TECHRISE was really quite unique. I just hadn’t seen such a curriculum in any institution here in Nepal which was also one of the reasons for my high excitedness. Most of the institutions would most probably have theory classes and the practice classes would just involve simple programming. But looking at the curriculum I really was astounded. We would start from the basics of Ruby and would go to building a similar but fully functional billion dollar app Instagram and even much more! As I began the lessons of the curriculum, I did encounter some problems at first. We had to install ruby on rails on our system to continue the course which basically was the first difficult task that I stumbled upon. I installed ruby on rails by browsing the net but after restarting my system, the installation would be gone and I had to reinstall it again. Frustrated, I asked my mentors on slack, which by the way is one cool messaging application. I knew that the difficulty in installing the application on my system was just the tip of the iceberg. Much more challenging and brain storming obstacles were still left to be dealt with. Was I scared of the problems that was heading my way? Yes, I was. But as you may know, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. Determined, I continued my course and as expected, I did encounter a lot of problems (and I don’t want to bore you all by explaining them here) but my mentors, Takehiro Mouri and Aadesh Shrestha were always there to help me out. I could reach out to them easily on slack and if my problem could not be solved on slack then I was always welcome to visit them at the office where they were more than glad to help me out. Moreover, aside from being able to visit the office at office hours, weekly one-to-one mentor sessions were also held where I could more easily and more openly ask any questions and any confusions that I had. Apart from the curriculum, I also did get to meet other students of TECHRISE who too were excited about TECHRISE. Even though I haven’t gotten to know them personally, some general conversations with them made me realize that they all were very kind, helpful and passionate about coding.

To sum up, these are the experiences that I had in my journey with TECHRISE on the first month. I would say that I would have had never had such experiences if it had not been from TECHRISE. I’m currently learning how to make a fully functional billion dollar app Instagram. I would say that I’ve learnt a lot and have debugged many problems in the past month. I don’t know whether I would have entered the web development field this deeply and if I would ever had used slack if it wasn’t for TECHRISE. I would really like to thank the TECHRISE team for giving me an opportunity for my potential growth and for helping me clear my obstacles. I also hope to learn a lot more and broaden my knowledge on the upcoming months at TECHRISE!